Empowering Mandarin Teachers

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How MandarinSeed enhances your teaching

Discover student insights

Learn how your students are performing at any time and how to help them improve.

Personalised activities

Give students activities suited to their learning style and ability.

Reduce admin

Spend less time marking multiple choice questions and more time giving helpful feedback.

Up-to-date and engaging

Keep students interested with content relevant to today's youth.

How it works

Import class lists

Seamlessly import your students' details including past performance data.

Set goals

Set goals for your class and individual students if desired.

Set assessment schedule

Schedule assessments that will help achieve the goals.

Set topic schedule

Select the topics you want to cover throughout the term.

Publish your plan

This will generate a course syllabus containing your class goals, assessments and topics.

Share syllabus

Students will be able to see what topics will be covered and when assessments are planned.

Learning style survey

Students complete a learning style quiz that helps you understand learning preferences and the system to generate appropriate activities.

Run lessons

MandarinSeed's online lessons are specifically designed to help teachers facilitate classes. It's more interactive than a normal textbook.

Assign activities

You can generate and assign activities in next to no time. Activity types include collaborative, story-based, problem-based and more. Students get instant feedback.

Monitor student performance

For certain activities you can view student performance in real time. For higher level activities you will be guided to give effective feedback.

Discover insights about students

MandarinSeed's analysis engine extracts key insights about students that will help them improve.

Adjust teaching focus

Detailed analysis of each student and the class as a whole will enable you to tailor your teaching to students' needs.

Track students' progress

Students progress against their goals will be tracked at all times so that they know what they need to work on.

Set individualised revision programs

Every student is different. Set a revision program that helps them work on their weaknesses.

Set exams within minutes

Select topics to cover, skills and characters to examine and duration of exam and an exam with an answer key will be automatically generated.

Report on results

Easily communicate each student's results and areas of improvement to parents at the end of term.

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